Dying Your Hair While Pregnant

When you are expecting a baby, all the precautions seem necessary to you when it comes to preserving the health of your child. Many of the recommendations or direct prohibitions that you will hear are related to food or physical activity. There are certain influences such as your healthcare provider (or even your own mother or circle of friends) that speak of forbidden activities during pregnancy or things that are not recommended during pregnancy. Some things you are intuitively aware of that better to abstain from practicing to avoid unnecessary risks for the mother or her child.

In addition to wondering if you can dye your hair during pregnancy, perhaps you’ve asked yourself questions like

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  • Can I wear a bra with metal clasps during pregnancy?
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Can I dye my hair during pregnancy

By asking these questions, you show that you are a concerned mother that wants to be aware, and wants what’s best for their baby.

You should know that there are answers to these questions about whether or not it is okay to dye your hair during pregnancy. These days, these topics are abound with myths, half-truths, exaggerations, or outright falsehoods. So the best thing is that you follow the recommendations of the professional that monitors your pregnancy, ask them any questions and use common sense.

Hair Dye During Pregnancy

There is no scientific evidence that hair dyes can affect the baby. Although it has been shown that small amounts of hair dye can be absorbed through the skin, reach the bloodstream and, consequently, there is the possibility that the baby will come into contact, the amounts are minimal, so in principle not they are harmful to pregnancy.

Tests have been done with animals and in women who had dyed their hair in early pregnancy, and no complications have been found in the baby that could be related to any component of the dye.

In addition to diet and certain physical activities, other factors like stress are reputed to be a factor in pregnancy. Fortunately, one of the most widespread issues does not have to do with certain cosmetic products, such as hair dyes. In this article, we will try to resolve your doubts about whether or not there are reasons to consider that the dye in pregnancy can be dangerous for the baby. It never hurts to take certain precautions

Although it is not proven that hair coloring products can affect the baby and, in addition, current dyes, as long as certain regulatory agencies approves them, do not use aggressive chemicals, certain precautions are recommended in pregnant women when using dyes and other cosmetic products:

  • It is recommended to use natural dyes that do not include too many chemicals in their composition.
  • Avoid using ammonia.
  • It is better to use dyes of vegetable or natural origin rather than chemically colored dyes.
  • Do not leave the dye on the hair for longer than specified in the instructions.
  • Rinse hair thoroughly with plenty of water after using the dye.
  • Wear gloves when applying the dye.

Why are dyes said to be harmful to the baby?

The origin of the bad reputation of the dyes is that decades ago they were composed of aggressive chemicals that were considered that, through the skin, could contact and affect the baby.

For some years now, many harmful ingredients in hair dyes are no longer permitted substances because they are prohibited in cosmetic products. But some chemicals still remain. So in essence, using a small amount of hair dye is okay to use during pregnancy, just be sure to not overdue it.



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Can I Dye My Hair During Pregnancy