Will Your Dog Know If You Are Pregnant

As strange as it seems, dogs being able to sense pregnancy has been noticed by many women who lived with a dog. Being with their dog day in and out, many women are keenly aware of how their best friends suddenly changed the way they relate to them, even before they confirmed that they were expecting a baby.

Although your dog may not understand that you are expecting a baby, they will notice some changes in your behavior, posture, routine, and emotions.

These changes could be almost so imperceptible that even you would not be able to notice them. But dogs are much more familiar and alert to these small differences and will notice them immediately.

Can Dogs Sense Pregnancy?

On the other hand, it has also been suggested that dogs could be so sensitive to pregnancy due to the changes in hormones and pheromones present in pregnant women.

Dogs have an extraordinary sense of smell, which is significantly superior to that of humans. In fact, their ability to smell is estimated to be up to a 1000 to 10,000 times better than that of human beings.

In the case of humans, our sense of smell is not nearly as strong as dogs. This is why, before the first pregnancy symptoms appear, and before the woman undergoes pregnancy tests, your dog may start to behave a little differently.

How your dog behaves in regards to your pregnancy will vary according to the character of your pet. Some pregnant women sense that their dog will often become more clingy to them, and more protective. Dogs have been shown to spend hours accompanying pregnant women, even waiting outside the closed bathroom door or near the tub while they take a bath, or sleeping near your bed night after night throughout the nine months of the pregnancy.

On the other hand, some dogs could become noisy protectors, barking or growling at anyone who wants to get close to a pregnant woman; sometimes, they will even physically block the way of people who want to get close to the future mother.

And if your dog begins to notice the growth of your belly, sniffing it, smelling it, or even trying to sit on it, you should not be surprised as this behavior is extremely normal.They will be able to notice where the change is taking place.

Although this exacerbated affection could be sympathetic and endearing (and probably a bit annoying at times), it could also be the opposite. Some dogs react differently to pregnancy, becoming distant and moving away from you completely. They could become stressed and show anxiety, for example: walking from one side of the room to the other or constantly licking themselves.

But it could be even worse. They may start to behave strangely, hiding behind doors or not wanting to go outside. If your dog’s behavior becomes worrisome, you should make an appointment with your vet immediately.

What Can A Dog Detect In Pregnancy


Pregnancy can be exhausting, and that can make a difference in your daily routine. Dogs carefully study and observe their owners’ routines, so if you change your schedule, when to sleep, eat or exercise, your dog will detect it immediately.


During pregnancy, hormone levels fluctuate, and it can subtly change the way you smell. Dogs have a sense of smell much better than humans, it would not be very difficult for them to distinguish through smell the change in the level of hormones.


Veterinarian Abel Greenbaum explained that dogs most likely can hear the baby in the womb, and they may because of their great sense of hearing (they can hear almost three times better than humans). So if they snuggle close to the belly, they could detect the baby’s heartbeat.

Physical changes

When the belly grows, and the physical movements change, the dog may notice that something strange is happening.

As you perceive all these changes, most of them will be much more loving and protective. Dogs can tell when their owners change habits, reactions, and even scent, and pregnancy definitely changes!


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Can Dogs Sense Pregnancy?